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Stainless Steel

What Do the Chrysler Building and The Empire State Building Have in Common? The Case for Stainless Steel We at Rocket Steel Buildings have worked with steel all our lives; “but maybe” we thought, “people would like to know how long steel has been used in architectural structures, buildings and homes.”stainless steel... 			</div>
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Start Up Offices

5 Steel Buildings Start-Up Office Ideas Here are Rocket Steel Buildings we like to keep up to date on the latest in cutting-edge architecture and innovative design. One trend we’re seeing more and more of is the development of creative start-up spaces....
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Quonset Hut History

The Steel Building Has Native American Beginnings: Well, at Least in Its Name!

You know most people think steel buildings are boring. Yet, those of us working in the industry know how interesting the history and process of the fabrication of these steel structure buildings for storage, workshops and other uses really are.

The History

Actually the idea...
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5 Tips for Starting a Jewelry Fabrication Workshop

5 Tips for Starting a Jewelry Fabrication Workshop All that glitters doesn’t automatically lead to lots of money - but it can. The jewelry business requires serious thought, time and work. And like all businesses it takes some serious research before starting out. Consider budget, location, and market, but this isn’t to say that a jewelry...
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