GREEN Steel Buildings

With construction that is fast and pricing that is affordable, Rocket Steel Buildings will save you almost 50% from traditional building construction costs. Prefabricated steel building prices are more economical than brick, wood or other material construction. And they’re much stronger and durable than a wood or brick structure. Unlike a wood building that is vulnerable over time, steel buildings are resistant to rot, insects, warping and cracking. You don’t have to care for a metal structure as you would a wood or brick building.

Rocket Steel Buildings’ end wall panels and trim are coated with AkzoNobel Ceram-A-StarĀ® 1050 coating systems. This coating system is Energy Star and LEED compliant because it is engineered with special pigments that reflect infrared light and absorb visible light. This acts as a thermal barrier for your steel building because it reflects up to 70% of the sun’s rays and keeping the interior cooler and more energy efficient – a “cool paint.” This can lower the utility cost of your steel building, which in turn protects the environment.

How Are Steel Buildings Green?

Strength, durability and energy efficient, steel buildings do not require wood. Wood requires forests of trees that need cut down. Steel is a recyclable resource and steel buildings are manufactured with a high concentration of recycled content. They utilize long lasting building design and metal buildings construct in less time than wood or brick construction. Fire and resistant to rust, steel buildings are virtually maintenance free.

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